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  • NameNoah Santschi-Cooney
  • Age2X Years
  • InterestsDevOps, Security, 3D Graphics, Web Backend, Infrastructure, Containers, Observability/Monitoring, Automation
  • Programming LanguagesGo, Python, GLSL, Java, Kotlin, Javascript/Typescript, Rust, Bash
  • Experience InAnsible, Docker/Docker Swarm/K3s, Prometheus, InfluxDB, Grafana, CI/CD, SQL/Elasticsearch, LXD/LXC, Web Servers/Proxies, Distributed Tracing



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This is a non-exhaustive collection of some of my projects. To see more projects, please check my Github

Final Year Project

My Final Year Project was in the area of Distributed Tracing. I implemented a Visual Studio Code debugger using the Debug Adapter Protocol, consuming OpenTracing data to step through code of microservice systems spread across multiple code repositories.

Logo for the VSCode Minecraft shader project

VSCode MC Shader

Visual Studio Code extension and language server that provides linting diagnostics and code insights into GLSL shaders for the Minecraft Optifine platform. Written in Rust and Typescript, it utilizes the OpenGL reference compiler to provide diagnostics of multi-folder shader projects.

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A multi-host and multi-tenant Containers as a Service provider that can use either LXD or Firecracker MicroVMs to provide isolation of user containers and the ability to run untrusted containers on the UCC Netsoc servers. It integrates with Hashicorp Consul and Vault for service discovery, service health and TLS cert persistence.

2Bot icon

2Bot Discord Bot

2Bot is a Discord Bot written in Golang using the DiscordGo library. It provides a range of utilities for use in-chat including image bookmarking and emoji utilities.

screenshot of Sushi Shader

Sushi Shader

Sushi Shader is a GLSL shader for the internationally popular game Minecraft. It takes advantage of the deferred rendering pipeline added by the mod Optifine to create effects like Dyanmic Shadows, Raytraced Reflections, Volumetric Light and Clouds, Lens Flares and Parallax Occlusion Mapping amongst other things.

screenshot of Sushi Shader

UserBenchmark Mobile

A Work-in-Progress Android app in Kotlin to provide a native method for getting information from the popular website.

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